In the past few years online roulette rapidly gained popularity as more people crave to play and enjoy the game without leaving the house. Online roulette gives players the opportunity to play both American and European roulette a variety of bets. This article discusses roulette and whether it's possible beat it.Visit for more tips and reviews.

What Is House Edge?

For players who are new to roulette the first they will need to understand is house edge even if the player believes in luck. Playing the game as a normal gambler will make them lose funds in the long run. This is because of the green number "ZERO" which is the thirty-seven number on the roulette wheel.

Players only get paid winning odds of one to thirty-six when their single numbers hit, regardless of the fact that there are thirty-seven results. This offers the house an edge of 2.7 percent over the game. In the long run, this earns sites more funds than they payout. It's also why European roulette is better than its American counterpart.

Online Roulette And Random Number Generator

Roulette was created by Blaise Pascal in the mid 17th century, and has rapidly gained popularity since then. Regardless of rich history the game has changed much since it was introduced and the gameplay and rules is still much since then. Online roulette is similar to slots. It employs RNG (random number generator) to generate winning numbers.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

A random number generator employs a complex algorithm to generate a progressive number that is near to random. When a roulette action is taken the random number generator grabs the next number from a progressive series, and generates the winning number from there. The winning number is already decided the moment the player presses spin.

Is Online Roulette Safe?

Online roulette offers the same results as live games for casual entertainment players. Players stake their bet, the wheel spins, the ball settles, the player either loses or wins. Most players have doubted the fairness of the random number generator, and whether it's truly random. RNG is not completely random, but they come very close.

Online casinos are businesses

Online casinos are businesses, and they strive to provide service and at the same time earn profit, and it is expected that odds should payout as they are stated.When it comes to online roulette, random number generators will have an equal opportunity of hitting all numbers. and pays out the same odds as offered by traditional casinos.

Can Players Beat Online Roulette

One question that borders a lot of people is whether or not players can beat online roulette. The truth is the odds is in favour of the online casino, as it's in live roulette. If players play the game of roulette for a long time chances are they will lose funds. Creative staking never changes anything about the game.

The odds of the game remain the same, even if players use the most sought-after strategy with a bottomless bankroll, the player can still lose. Progressive staking is not actually a winning roulette strategy. The only way players can beat roulette is to forecast whether the ball will settle with enough accuracy.

The War Continues

The fight of trying to beat roulette will always be on. The nearest players get to beating the game is in solving its pattern. In the real-world this means solving out the ball landing position. While in the virtual world it means creaking out some complex algorithm. Bots still have limitations and they function only in certain casino sites.

Online Roulette Conclusion

The goal of every roulette player is to beat the game. But the question on many people's minds is can roulette be beaten? The truth is no matter the strategy players employ odds will always be in favour of the casinos because they're in business to make profits. If they payout more than they receive they'll go out of business.